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Our Aims and Vision

At Kingmoor Junior School, we aim for all of our pupils to:

  • Enjoy school life
  • Be safe and healthy
  • Have high achievement
  • Be motivated independent learners in an engaging environment
  • Participate within communities at all levels
  • Gain broad, balanced, transferable skills  
  • Behave appropriately at all times
  • Develop empathy and tolerance for others
  • Have high levels of self-esteem, and have respect for themselves and others.

    The aims were devised in consultation with all pupils, parents, staff and governors of our school.

    Strategic Intentions

    In order to realise the vision we will:

    1) provide a stimulating, broad and rich curriculum through which pupils achieve
        excellence and enjoyment
    2) create an environment fit for learners in the 21st century

    3) foster links between home, school and communities

    4) ensure an ethos of respect, tolerance, responsibility and empathy at all times.